NID Pipeline

NID Pipeline

The Nevada Irrigation District (NID) supplies water for agriculture. The water starts in the Sierra Nevada mountains and is distributed in irrigation canals throughout western Nevada County.

We partner with two neighbors to bring water from the nearest irrigation canal to our properties. We dug a trench across hilly, rocky terrain for nearly a mile and buried three pipes, one for each of us. The whole project took six months and required nearly 14,000 feet of pipe.

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The pipeline goes from the irrigation canal to our property.
Steve shows the box that connects a pipeline to the irrigation canal.
The pipeline went under one of the local roads.
We had to dig our way through our neighbors' woods.
And be careful not to disturb other pipelines.
Steve digs the trench through his back yard to Gene's.
Gene helps assemble the pipeline before we bury it.
The horses inspect our work.
Six months and 5,738 feet later we test the completed line.


Updated: 070919