Hopeful Hill Ranch - The Stable

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We convert our horse stable into a people stable.

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Matt, Jason, and Dave use their finely-honed martial arts skills to remove a fence post.
Dave, Matt, and Jason examine their work.


Jimmy plans while John and Jim help.
Jim likes to dive into to his work.
Jim uses every bit of space inside the stable.


Carl prepares the inside and outside for the concrete.


Bob arrives dressed for success.
Bob installs the new door (outside).
Bob installs the new door (inside).


Nick contemplates the Zen of Plumbing.


Joe tells another story.


Don connects the heat pump.


The paver crew prepares the base.
John cuts paver blocks.
The pavers are in.
Carl builds the lattice over the porch.


Cindy, Shelly, and Sheba stop by for a chat in the completed Stable.
Glenn, the designer of The Stable, views the result. You can see more of his work at Bearington Studios


The Stable as seen from the pasture.
The view from The Stable in Autumn
Annie and Monica model the hammock.

Hopeful Hill Ranch

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